Sense of happiness

    On 15 December 1992 on the anniversary of Hazrat Zahra, a newspaper was published, that as claimed by experts, was a comprehensive innovation and a landmark in the history of Iranian professional



   Of course, after the eight-year war and new efforts and creativity, social-cultural status, backwardness of state press from the world in hardware development and a few other factors paved the way for a new phenomena in history and amid these, Hamshahri Institute managed to grow in this background and reach such a honorable place through its innovations and efforts


Today, Hamshahri is not a mere newspaper, it is a giant multimedia and as mentors believe, it has .developed and changed into an institution Hamshahri in many aspects is a new phenomenon in the history of Iran's journalism in   professionalism diversity, huge number of circulation and its media

Hamshahri has always been the first to publish new approaches in social problems through its innovations in the history of Iran's press, such as focus on urbanism, problems of the youth, local problems

, …environmental problems, traffic, urban norms and necessities, urban management, leisure times

In the end, it should be stressed that Hamshahri has always tried to promote the concept of urbanism to the necessity of defending the rights of urbanism