Payam Hamshahri Company


Payam Hamshahri Company was established in January 1994 and its main objective was to contribute to financial independence of Hamshahri Institute and to assist to meet the daily needs of citizens through publishing pages of advertisements in Hamshahri




   Payam Hamshahri Company started its work by publishing of “ Rahnamay Hamshahri” (Citizens' guidance papers), which was in 10 pages first but following days and months of success it has reached 184 pages with 74 branch offices throughout




   Various demands of people urged Hamshahri Institute to publish some other periodicals such as advertisements for all the districts of Tehran plus Jome Bazaar advertisements for sale and purchase of second- hand household goods and the like



    Payam Hamshahri Company for the first time in the press history published “morning advertisements of the country” in 2007 which is widely published in all cities of the country except Tehran. Although this new paper is published in 10 pages a day on average, a prosperous future is predicted that would contribute to economic prosperity of the country as well. By designing the website ( with searchable filings, citizens will have easy access to the paper and e-trade will develop through

.registration and ordering of advertisement anywhere in the world