Hamshahri Media Development Company


   Every day hundreds of personnel of Hamshahri are involved in production of various periodicals. These efforts will end up prosperity when the productions are supplied to citizens with the utmost care and sense of responsibility, which is assumed by Hamshahri Media Development Company


    This company was established in December 2006 supplying Hamshahri newspapers and other Hamshahri periodicals in news stands, metro stations, stores, residential buildings and are even distributed by paper boys, and also are supplied by land and air to cities and counties enabling the citizens to get access to their favorable periodicals


    Over 1200 places are covered throughout Tehran by this company. Also, the distribution center of its counties has more than 29 provincial coverage centers and 54 agencies in different cities of the country. Such extensive logistic facilities have enabled Hamshahri Media Development Company to distribute many other various periodicals as a press giant step


Hamshahri Publishing Development Company

   Hamshahri periodicals are widely released throughout the country in huge numbers. It is why over half the press paper consumption is devoted to Hamshahri Institute. Obviously, an independent publishing center for such a family is of highest importance

Following considerable efforts, the big publishing house of Hamshahri, the greatest in the country, was developed and changed into Hamshahri publishing Development Company. The site of the publishing house was bought in 1996 and construction started in 2004. Construction operations and installation of equipment and machinery were underway till January 2007. The house was first commissioned following installation and operation of three professional printing press machines (commercial). Later, when a more developed machine was installed and operated, all pages of newspaper could be published. Overall, the publishing house has the potential to publish 600,000 copies a day doing all pages of the newspaper. In the near future by adding a commercial sheet print machine, magazine covers would be published as well. The important development will take place when mailing room starts its work to package and mail Hamshahri periodicals directly from the publishing house to the main distributing centers, counties, Tehran distribution lines, news stands and subscribers




Media Research and Studies Center

    Media research and studies center is part of Hamshahri institute and the only research center affiliated to professional journalism in Iran. Studies are conducted on communication, media and relevant sciences, study of beliefs, points of view, opinions and expectations of readers from Hamshahri newspaper as the highest source of media focusing on urbanism, examination and evaluation of contents of Hamshahri newspaper in order to assess the degree of attaining the favorable goals in a bid to promote quality of the newspaper contents in addition to various research methods ranging from traditional methods in communication (opinion evaluation and analysis of contents) to modern methods (like semiology, analysis of opinions and dialogues on phone) following realization of the mentioned objectives and assignments


    Since December 2006, Hamshahri Media Research and studies center, with consideration of technological development in the area of communication and specifically electronic communication and virtual space, has devoted major part of its products and activities on Internet Informatics. Hccmr.com is a site in the area of communication and research, abbreviated from

Hamshahri Center for communication and Media Research


    This site presents all the research works to visitors. Interaction with databases and research centers inside and outside the country, rehabilitation of research plans, identification of proficient authors, translators and researchers in the area of communication and electronic opinion evaluation are major activities of this site