Attachments Group



    Hamshahri Newspaper Attachments Group organizes and supervises contents of various periodicals which are distributed free of charge together with the newspaper aiming to be more impressive by creating an appropriate atmosphere in extensive local, regional and nationwide levels focusing on the needs of all the strata and generations respecting values in occasions and also pave the way for creation of new Hamshahri periodicals

         Local Hamshahri newspaper: promotes knowledge and quality of urbanism with the local and citizenbased strategy

         Docharkhe : colorful as that in the adolescents and children in Iran and their ambitions and dreams

         Mosafer: talks about Tehran travelers and tries to tackle their particulars problems by recommending appropriate patterns in public transport as a companion in their trips  

         Hamshahri Zendegi: stresses and advises on a good life introducing municipal activities in the urban services

         Hamshahri Jome: analyzes religious issues in Iran the world of Islam

         Shahr Varzesh: accompanies sport fans introducing sport events, analyzes the events and points of view and proposes constructive approaches in the sport area 

         Provincial Hamshahri: discusses provincial facilities and wealth with domestic views as a concept to realize the motto that "we are your citizen everywhere in Iran




Magazines Group

   Hamshahri magazine group was established in Spring 2008 in order to create a delightful and attractive movement in the state press realm. This group publishes the most professional periodical of the country, which reflects all in all your dreams overwhelmed with solutions and real proposals for a successful life with various thoughts, dreams and styles and present a prize for a dream

         Hamshahri "youth": like the young generations, has dreams and ambitions

         Hamshahri "family": has subjects of life nature, simple, tangible and familiar but reliable and impressive

         Hamshahri "diplomatic": analyzes foreign policy of Iran and international developments

         Hamshahri "month": deep attention to political, economic, social and cultural events of Iran and the world

         My homeland: a small step in exploration of history and geography of our homeland

         Sar Nakh: outlines the events and marvels of Iran with preventive intention and brining justice

         Verses: provides Quran knowledge in the country

         Story: a tale, simple including story literature of Iran and the world as a literary step to create a modern and perpetual movement