Electronic Informatics Center


Hamshahri institute is the first media to provide the citizens with electronic broadcast through boards and S.M.S. system in 2006. Subscribers receive 7 to 12 news in 13 news groups, depending on their needs, through Hamshahri S.M.S.

    Hamshahri Newspaper is the only Iranian Newspaper that provides further news to citizens when they can send S.M.S. indicating the number beside the news. Furthermore, at the present 70 to 100 news in full color are cast on boards in streets. These boards cast films and teasers. According to a field research, we know that 2 to 5 news are read by about 350,000 people in the streets everyday


Hamshahri Online

    On 6 July 2006, Hamshahri online appeared in the internet global map in a digital city and citizens and its news are updated regularly and non-stop. The number of visitors on the first day was 3500. According to a one-year statistics, this figure has reached 35,000 to 40,000 a day and 10,000,000 in the first year


An average 9-minute working of operators in the site proves that Hamshahri online has found its real customers

Colleagues in this virtual city produce materials which are accessible in 46 sections of Hamshahri online. Some of these materials are extracted from Hamshahri Newspaper and periodicals and some are specialized production of Hamshahri online. Hamshahri online has the pleasure to claim that it has reported domestic and foreign news sooner than other domestic media


Hamshahri Evening Newspaper

  Hamshahri institute decided to release evening newspaper from 26.01.2008 to continuously meet the ever-increasing needs of a huge number of citizens to get access to news. Hamshahri evening newspaper covers news including some analysis on the news. Currently, Hamshahri evening newspaper is released only in Tehran, but with increase of printing and technical facilities, this newspaper will be released throughout the country in the future


Aljavar News Site

   This site was set up on 11.02.2008 to cast reliant news and events from inside and outside the country especially regional coverage. The major goal of this site is to provide news coverage to neighboring Arabic countries particularly Iraq where problems in publication and distribution of written media exist


Hamshahri to Iranians

   Hamshahri belongs to Iranians anywhere in the world and the International Center is responsible to identify the needs of Iranian addressees in other countries and meet the same. This Center was established in 2006 and has so far produced two special Hamshahri periodicals for the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait as its first steps


Emirates Hamshahri periodicals is in full color published in seven emirates that has managed to establish a deep connection with Iranians over there.

 At the present the plan for release of such periodicals is underway in other countries in the Persian Gulf, European countries and North America