Education Center


   Education is to make human beings and the world improve. Based on such an approach, Hamshahri Education Center selected the title of “learning to be a citizen” for its plan. This center was established in 2006 and is part of Research-Education-Publication cycle of Hamshahri Institute. Education Center performs its plans in two parts of Intra- and extra-center as the only Press Professional Education Center.

    Intra-Center education includes general, organizational, semi-general, regular, plan for promotion of knowledge level and specialized education for writings of Hamshahri Institute. The costs for intra-center educations are born by Hamshahri Institute and participants enjoy its benefits.

Extra-center education includes multi-journalism courses, specialized workshops of journalism, technical terminology of virtual space, introduction to scientific media and meetings


     Participation of press journalists in Extra-center training courses of Hamshahri. Education center is free and in addition, the participants are paid grants. Hamshahri Institute is determined to promote scientific/experimental level of journalists of the country by holding special and specialized courses enabling the journalists to achieve qualified level they deserve

This center holds the permit to hold various courses on journalism and press graphics from the Ministry of Culture and Islam Guidance

Educational site of Hamshahri Institute: www.